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An Evening at Esthetique Plastique

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Please join us for an evening at Esthetique Plastique featuring Dr. Frank L. Stile at staff!

Our annual event will offer the most exclusive pricing and discounts on surgical procedures and skin care facial rejuvenation treatments, products and services.

Celebrate with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, live raffle prizes, and a gift bag for each attendee!




Tummy Tuck Leads to Motivation for Continued Weight Loss

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Some people assume that patients dislike their stomachs after a tummy tuck procedure. However, you may not have known that this procedure stands as one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures up-to date. Recently, there has been even more evidence proving the reasons why this procedure is extremely popular. Research from Sweden recently concluded that bariatric patients who went through with a tummy tuck to remove excess skin are more likely to keep the weight off after the procedure.

Researchers claim that the body contouring after a bariatric bypass tends to give patients the ability to enjoy greater health benefits, including motivation to keep off the excess weight. Men and women alike who lose a large amount of weight through bypass surgery, or achieved massive weight loss through dieting and exercise tend to have a large amount of excess skin and fat in their lower back and stomach areas.

Tummy Tuck Before After Las Vegas

Before & After the tummy tuck procedure by Dr. Stile in Las Vegas, NV

This study, published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the journal for ASPS found that the positive results after gastric bypass with a body contouring procedure led to a stronger long-term weight control and a higher quality of life. The reason for continued weight loss was that as soon as patients saw the results they were looking for, they gain the mentality to maintain a healthy weight after a tummy tuck or body contouring procedure. A trimmed physique can help Las Vegas tummy tuck patients stay encouraged to participate in engaging, physical activities, which benefits their overall health.

How Does Body Contouring Help After Weight Loss?

The various reasons for a tummy tuck to deliver such gratifying results are the three features it repairs that diet and exercise cannot fix on their own. The body contouring features you will be looking forward to with Dr. Stile is:

  • No more sagging abdominal skin
  • Eliminated stubborn pockets of fat
  • Repairs impacted muscles for a more flat and structured abdomen.

Dr. Stile has performed over 1,000 tummy tucks over the past 10 years, making him one of the most respected abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgeons in the United States. During your initial complimentary consultation, Dr. Stile will share his medical experience and explain the tummy tuck procedure to you. This allows tummy tuck patients to gain the knowledge they need before confirming a procedure date, in addition to setting up long-lasting weight loss results.


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Dear Valued Patient,

I am taking a moment to write and inform you that my medical and skin care practices have both been the victim of internal fraud carried out by a former employee and her partner. As additional information is gathered, I will continue to keep you apprised of the situation.

If you receive calls, emails or texts regarding your scheduled appointments with me or the skin clinic that ask you for financial information, attempt to change your appointment, or advise you to contact us by any other means than:

(702) 243-9555


Please contact us immediately and the information will be forwarded to the Las Vegas Metro Fraud Division Detectives.

I value your trust and patronage, and will do everything to protect your privacy. I am anticipating a speedy resolution to this matter and continuing business as usual. I look forward to seeing you at your future appointments!

Warmest Regards,

Frank L. Stile 

Frank L. Stile. MD, FACS
(702) 243-9555

Dr. Stile Receives a HydraFacial Treatment – Vlog #6

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Schedule Your HydraFacial Treatment (702) 243-9555

HydraFacial Vlog Transcript:

Dr. Stile: Hello, and welcome back to my excellence in cosmetic surgery series. What we’re going to do today is something a little bit different. We’re going to be focusing on the skin care part of my practice. We’ll be spending time with our Aesthetician – Amber, who has over 10 years of experience providing excellent skin care to my patients. Today’s topic will be the HydraFacial machine. Amber, tell us a little bit about the HydraFacial machine and what makes it different from the conventional facial medication you might receive.

Amber: Well, with a typical facial we focus on one skin problem that we’re trying to address. With the HydraFacial, we can address many.

Dr. Stile: Okay, how many steps are there, are there many steps in the HydraFacial?

Amber: Three to Five, it really depends on the patients skin.

Dr. Stile: What are these steps?



to be finalized

Tummy Tuck Consultation in Las Vegas – Vlog #5

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Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery Consultation Transcript

Dr. Stile: Hello, I’m Dr. Stile. Welcome back to our excellence in cosmetic surgery series. This is video blog number 5, and today’s topic is abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. I’m lucky enough to have one of the busiest cosmetic surgery practices in Las Vegas. I have performed over 1,000 abdominoplasties over the last nine years. This volume of patients has made me one of the most experience surgeons for this particular procedure. What we’re going to do today is go through a regular consultation for abdominoplasty with one of my patients. What we hope you’ll understand by the end of this consultation is what abdominoplasty or tummy tuck actually is; what the components are; and if you’re potentially a candidate who can benefit from this cosmetic surgery procedure. Let’s go now and take a look at the consultation.

Farrah: My name is Farrah from Sacramento, California. I moved to Vegas for entertainment. This is an awesome city if you just want to entertain and make a living.

Well, I’m hoping that not only will it change my outer look, but I don’t want to be self-conscious and it’s going to help me be more marketable. I know that if I go to an audition and the costume looks fabulous on me – I can get it. But, if the costume is a lot of belly and a lot of mid, and I don’t have that looking tight next to the girl that’s all “six-packed up” with tight skin, then she’s going to get it over me.

Dr. Stile: I’ve done over a thousand tummy tucks in the last 9 years and my patients benefit from this experience in multiple ways. Most important is shorter surgery time which means less anesthesia and the greater likelihood that they’ll get a result that will make them happy. My patients range in size from 115 pounds to 215 pounds. The operation is basically the same with respect to steps, however, the scale of the procedure is different accordingly.

The first thing that’s important for my patients to understand is a little bit about anatomy, and the changes that happen with either pregnancy, massive weight gain, or a combination of the two. What we have here is an illustration of basic anatomy. These are the rectus muscles which are in compartments on either side of the belly button. They begin at the underside of the ribs and insert down in the groin. They are touching in the mid-line. These muscles have various functions with respect to the torso. They provide stability for the back, allow the torso to twist, pick up your knees and bend your back down. However, in our conversation today, it’s the support function that’s most important.

When a patient has a pregnancy or big weight gain, it has a mass effect on the inside of the abdomen. What this does is push forward. With this forward push, the most important change is the separation of the rectus muscles – the creation of the space between the two rows, which is also known as the diastasis. In addition to the separation of these muscles, we have the stretching of the skin with stretch marks created if the skin stretches a lot or quickly. Once our patients have their babies, lose their weight, or both, these muscles never return to their pre-pregnancy or pre-weight gain position. So, as a function of this, there is a loss of support. What this looks like in most patients is a roundness that’s most times wrongly attributed to fat.

The steps of an abdominoplasty are as follows:

• What I do first is design a very low incision in the groin crease. I also create a second incision to release the belly button from its attachment to the skin. This allows me to lift the skin and fat off the muscle so I can see that diastasis.

• What I do next is take a permanent suture and weave it between these muscles – above and below the belly button. When I tighten that, it brings the muscles back together to their original pre-pregnancy or pre-massive weight gain condition. This move restores the support to the abdomen. This suture, in fact, functions as an internal corset or girdle. This is a permanent stitch that will be with the patient for the remainder of their life.

• What I do next is fold that skin and fat down and pull downward. The extra skin fat is measured and removed. Another opening is created to retrieve the belly button through. When my patients wake up, they look something like this. The length of the incision varies with how much skin redundancy there is actually is in that patient. It’s usually a lot shorter then what’s illustrated here. There are no sutures on the skin and there are no staples used in any of my patients. All of our sutures are woven underneath the skin and usually dissolve within approximately 2-3 months.

What the patients will have are two soft plastic drains – one that exits either side of the incision. These drains do not hurt while they are in, and does not hurt to remove them. What the drains do in fact is help remove any fluid that would accumulate as part of normal healing in the recovery of my patients. These drains come out at 7 and 14 days respectively.

This procedure takes about an hour and a half. It is done in my surgery center, here, next door. Our center is a free-standing ambulatory surgery center which is licensed by the State of Nevada. We are also federally regulated because we’re Medicaid certified. What that means to my patients is that my facility meets the highest standards of safety equipment and personnel. All of my abdominoplasty patients are seen the next morning for their first dressing change and their wound check. They are then seen at 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after that. I see all of my patients once per year or often as they need to. I have over 8,000 patients in my practice and they are each seen once a year.

Farrah: I’m definitely happy with Dr. Stile’s work. I believe that he has a definite vision for what he’s doing for me. He paid attention to my body line, he paid attention to where he put the line. It’s important that your line is going to be able to stay in the costume and that your skin stretches. I think I spent the last 4 days just going through photos, going over photos, looking at the body line so that it will fit nicely in my costumes the way I want it to and that’s important.

Dr. Stile: If you have any questions about abdominoplasty surgery, or any of the other cosmetic surgery I perform at my practice, you can call my practice at (702) 243-9555. You can also look us up on the web at www.DrStile.com

Until next time, be well!

Breast Augmentation Consultation – Vlog #4

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Dr. Stile: Hi. I’m Dr. Stile and welcome back to my excellence in cosmetic surgery video blog series. What we’ll be discussing today is breast augmentation surgery. I’m lucky enough to have one of the busiest practices in Las Vegas and perform several hundred breast augmentations per year. What I’d like to do today is take you through a typical breast augmentation consultation. What this will do is help you have a better understanding of the procedure and educate you so that you can make choices that are better for you.

What you’re about to see is a consultation with one of my previous patients… Let’s take a look.

Harmony: My name is Harmony M. I am a professional model here in Las Vegas. I do runway, print work, atmosphere, a lot of times I do showgirl work, I do spokes modeling, everything like that, so my jobs really vary. Within the jobs, you know, I’m meeting people constantly and wearing certain outfits where your body is important. You have to have a good body and stuff like that, and those jobs can enhance that for me.

I had a consultation for breast augmentation and I’m really, really excited about it. He (Dr. stile) was very knowledgeable with everything, so, he kind of made my decision for me, he made it pretty easy, and I definitely want to do it… I’m excited about it.. I’m a little bit nervous but, I’m still excited! I’m going to move forward with it and I’m really confident in him and his abilities.

One of my friends actually referred me to him and I guess he did a wonderful job, I actually saw what he did for her, so that’s why I made the decision to come and see him, and kind of hear what he had to say. He convinced me, you know, and he knows what he is doing and it’s going to come out great.

Dr. Stile: Most of my patients are either referrals from previous patients, or friends of family members. What’s important about that is what patients visualize as being a good result should be something that I can deliver.

The line drawing that you see here demonstrates several features that are typical of a natural result. Natural meaning something nice you could have been born with, an un-operated on look. This breast is an aesthetically pleasing breast that can be found in a younger woman. What we see are three basic features. First and most importantly is a nipple that sits higher than the level of the inframammary fold . We also have a soft contour on the top and a fullness. The fullness comes from two things: fatty tissue and breast gland. The amount of these two tissues, fatty tissues and breast gland, determines what your breast volume is and therefore your breast size. The two primary groups of women I do this procedure for are either women who never had a lot of these tissues, therefore smaller breasts, and wish to have their breast volume enhanced. Or, the second group is women who may have had volume and lost it as a result of: weight loss, pregnancy, aging or a combination of any of these three. This second group wants to restore this volume, possibly add a little bit more, and additionally might want help with their breast shape.

By the time you have had your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you have undoubtably done some research online and discussed the procedure with patients who may have had it already. You’ll become familiar with the concept of breast implants being placed either above or below the muscle. The muscle we are talking about is the pectoralis major muscle (demonstrated right here). Now, placing a breast implant above breast muscle means the implant sits between the skin gland and the actual pectoral muscle. Placing the implant below the muscle simply means that the edge of this muscle is elevated and the implant is slid behind it, allowing most of the implants surface area to be covered by the muscle.

In patients starting out with minimal breast or fatty tissue prior to surgery, placing the implant above the muscle can result in implants that are detected both visually and to the touch. Most commonly what we see are ripples. In women, who do not have a lot of breast tissue to begin with, placing the implant under the muscle may be a better option.

The choice of incisions used is also an important decision. The two primary incisions that I use for breast augmentation surgery are the periareolar incision or the inframmary incision. In my practice the great majority of patients with have a periareolar incision to place their implants.

The next part of your consultation will be measurements, sizing and the choice of implants. The first measurement we’ll take is sternum notch to nipple. First right breast, then left breast. The next measurement will be nipple to inframammary fold. This is followed by base diameter of your chest which will help us select an implant width selection, and the final measurement will be of you areolar diameter.

The next part of your consultation will be sizing and choice of implants. There are three implants to choose from: high profile, moderate plus profile and moderate profile breast implant. The high profile is the narrowest with the most projection, the moderate profile is the widest with the lowest projection. Which implant we chose is based primarily on your chest diameter. Our next decision will be that of implant type. Your choices are silicone filled or saline filled implants. And quite honestly, it’s personally preference that makes a difference here.

Your procedure will take approximately one-hour and thirty-minutes. It’s performed here at our surgery center: Premium Surgical Services. Our center is licensed by the State of Nevada and also certified by the Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation. We are inspected twice yearly. This ensures you the highest standards are met for both your safety and personnel. You will get general anesthesia which will be provided by the board-certified M.D. anesthesiologist. You’ll be discharged shortly after your procedure. I will follow you closely your first month and do all of your post-op care personally. I will continue to see you throughout the rest of the year to make sure that you’re progressing appropriately.

Harmony: I went out in a bikini the first time two days ago, and I felt so confident and so secure, and I just get more attention that way so obviously I love it, and I’m going to get more jobs I’m sure. I’m a big baby when it comes to needles or anything like that so everybody’s like “are you crazy, you’re going to have surgery?” but obviously it’s something that I really wanted, and I did so well through it. It was like nothing. I went to sleep and I woke up, and even the recovery process was so simple. You would never tell that I had surgery. The results day-by-day get better, and better and you can see more you know until, the finality of it. Once I saw that [the finality] I was just ecstatic through the whole process it was really, really good.


Dr. Stile: If you have any other questions regarding this procedure, would like to schedule a consultation, you can visit our website at www.DrStile.com or call our office to schedule a consultation personally at (702) 243-9555.

Until your consultation, or next time, I’m Dr. Stile saying goodbye and be well!

Botox Treatment Information Vlog #4 in Las Vegas

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Dr. Stile would like to inform you of the complete Botox treatment process at his Las Vegas plastic cosmetic surgery & medical spa practice.

Botox Las Vegas Vlog Transcript:

Dr. Stile: Hi, I’m Dr. Stile. Welcome back to the third part of my excellence in cosmetic surgery series. In this third part of my video blog series, as I promised you last week, you’ll get to see me receive a Botox treatment from my skin care staff. They’ll be joining me in a few minutes so get ready to watch and learn.

I get Botox every 3 months and I enjoy the results of this treatment. It includes:

  • A smoother forehead
  • Reduces Crow’s Feet
  • Fewer Tension Headaches

As a man, my goal is not complete paralysis of the treated areas. I want some expression and it’s important for communicating expressions to my patients. I do not want excessive arching of my eyebrows that can give me a feminine appearance or even a diabolical look. Michelle is now going to prep my skin while nurse Elizabeth mixes my new bottle of Botox.

Michelle, what exactly are you going to be doing and why is it important that you prepare the skin.

Michelle: We will be breaking the skin, so, we want to make sure that it is a clean, sterile area removing all debris, bacteria, dirt and residue from the day.

Dr. Stile: Okay, what are you going to be using to do that?

Michelle: We will be using sterile alcohol prep pads.

Dr. Stile: Okay, let’s go!

The Botox product for my treatment is prepared next. Genuine Botox is delivered – packaged in a trademark box that bares the Botox hologram, the expiration date, and product number be can verified as genuine.  The bottle is carefully opened and a sterile technique is used to inject saline into the bottle. Once these C.C. syringes are filled in preparation for my Botox treatment.

Now, we’re at the actual part where I get Botox. This is Kim, my injector, she’s one of our nurses at The Skin Clinic. What will you be doing first, Kim?

Kim:  First I’ll be marking your musculature with this pencil.

Dr. Stile: What are the muscles that you’ll be marking right now?

Kim: Over here, we have the corrugators. These are the muscles that give you the “angry 11 lines” that most people complain about.

Dr. Stile: Okay, go ahead and mark those.

Kim: Go ahead and make an angry face.

Dr. Stile: I don’t have an angry face… Actually… You want my to squinch my eyebrows together is what you mean?

Kim: Yes

Dr. Stile: Okay, what do you want me to do next?

Kim: I want you to raise your eyebrows like you’re surprised.

Dr. Stile: And what muscles are those that you are marking.

Kim: This is the frontalis.

Dr. Stile: And the frontalis muscles do what, they lift the eyebrows up?

Kim: Yes

Dr. Stile: When you’re doing this in a male patient, it’s important that we don’t, two things – for me, I don’t want to be totally paralyzed, and I also don’t want a significant lift in the lateral part of my brow that will make me look more feminine or odd. So you’ll be taking that into account when you’re doing your treatment plan, correct?

Kim: Absolutely.

Dr. Stile: Okay, well go ahead.

Kim: Okay, now I’m going to be marking your orbicularis muscle. Most people commonly call these the “crow’s feet.”

Dr. Stile: Okay, and since I  basically close my eyes using the orbicularis,  that repetitive motion of that type is basically what produces these hyper-dynamic riddens, or that’s just wrinkles from movement. So if we paralyze this muscle – like she said – it will soften the appearance of these “crow’s feet.”

Kim: Go ahead and make that expression [squinch the eyes] for me. Are you ready?

Dr. Stile: That actually isn’t bad… What areas did you just inject?

Kim: I just did the corrugators, which gives you those “11 lines.”

Dr. Stile: Okay, the corrugators are basically the muscles that bring the eyebrows together. Okay, great. What are you doing next?

Kim: Okay, we’re going to do your frontalis muscles next.

Dr. Stile: And the frontalis muscles once again are the muscles that lift your eyebrows up, and are responsible – over-activity of those over an extended period of time are what give you those lines straight across your forehead. Go ahead, you’re doing good so far!

Owe! That didn’t hurt too much, just give me a little (laugh) warning next time.

Kim: Okay, ready?

Dr. Stile: Yes

Kim: Little pinch… Okay one more and you’re done.. We’re going to do your “crow’s feet” or peri-orbitals.

Dr. Stile: This area is typically a little more sensitive, correct?

Kim: Yes.. Close your eyes and relax… One more… Okay, we have one more [side] and you’re all done.

Dr. Stile: You just saw me receive a Botox treatment, and even though I didn’t have a topical anesthetic applied prior to it, it was relatively comfortable. You’re going to get to come back next week, during Vlog number four to see what effects this treatment has had.


Did you know: The Skin Clinic Medical Spa of Dr. Frank L. Stile was selected as the Top Spa in Las Vegas to Receive Botox by CBS Local?

Call us at (702) 243-9555 to schedule your Botox appointment at our Las Vegas medical spa, or contact us and we’ll be in touch with you!

Red, White & Beautiful – July Special Offers (E-Mail)

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& Beautiful Specials
Rejuvenate yourself from the scorching effects of Summer with Specials at The Skin Clinic Medical Spa.
$6,900 – Breast Augmentation + Liposuction¹
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breast enhancement and liposuction.
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¹ – Saline Breast Augmentation & Liposuction of the Flanks (Love Handles)
2 – Friend must be new patient to The Skin Clinic and both receive $8/unit.

All specials must be scheduled during the month of July, 2014.

Dr. Frank Stile to help Victoria Regardless of Claims

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A statement released on Facebook states:

Thank you for the continued interest in Victoria’s progress. Please be advised that Dr. Stile remains committed to helping Victoria. Our focus is on this child’s well-being and her future care.

The important facts of this situation remain:
1. An innocent child was viciously attacked by dogs
2. She has serious disfiguring and life changing injuries
3. Dr. Stile and his foundation have the ability to help this little girl
4. We are making final arrangements for her to travel to Dr. Peters in Naples, Florida to get her new eye.

We are very excited to be a part of the process of helping Victoria. Our commitment to this child, and children like her remains strong. We look forward to sharing information about Victoria’s progress as it becomes available.