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About Dr. Frank L. Stile

frank-stileDr. Frank L. Stile is a world-renown plastic surgeon, originally from New York City, NY, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Stile graduated high school at the age of 15 and began his medical training at The City University of New York’s accelerated 7-year combined Undergraduate as well as Medical school programs. He completed his clinical training at the State University of New York and at the Health & Science Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Stile’s post-doctorate training included 12 years of residency. During that time, Dr. Stile received specialized surgical training at five different academic institutions of excellence.

Dr. Stile is a published author of articles as well as book chapters in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery literature. He has presented his research at national and international plastic surgery conferences. He travels regularly, meeting and visiting with leaders in the field of plastic cosmetic surgery; moreover, he facilitates in the exchanging of ideas and constantly refining his techniques.

Dr. Stile has innovated along with published techniques for both treating new facial injuries and preventing recurring injuries in “cut-prone” fighters. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Maxim™, Real Fighter™, Huffington Post™, Wired™, likewise many others in addition to numerous television as well as radio shows.

Currently, Dr. Stile maintains his office in Las Vegas, NV. The office is luxuriously appointed furthermore, it has won awards for original design and decor which features some of Dr. Frank Stile’s own elaborate artwork. His private practice provides the full spectrum of plastic cosmetic surgery procedures in Las Vegas. Dr. Stile has had the privilege of treating thousands of patients. He has been and continues helping them achieve their cosmetic surgical goals. Dr. Stile regularly entertains national in addition to international visitors as well as colleagues at his premium surgical services center and medical spa Esthetique Plastique.

An avid painter and sculptor, his work adds to the decor of his home along with his office. In addition, Dr. Stile is also the founder and developer of Nubiaderm™ – The Black Skin System and Esthetique Plastique™ – ProSkin System, Skin Clinic & Medical Spa. These innovative lines of medical-cosmetic products were designed as well as are proven to improve the appearance in addition to health of ethnic and photo damaged skin.

In January 2011, the Frank L. Stile foundation was established. The purpose of this foundation is to generate funding to serve the special needs of children in crisis. The foundation works with other like charitable organizations in Nevada and across the United States.