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Why Dr. Stile Loves What He Does?

Interviewer: Why do you love what you do? Dr. Stile: The answer to that question today is not the same answer I would have given you when I first started practicing. What's become obvious to me with time and, I mean, we're several thousands of patients into my career, is that what I do makes a difference in people's lives. I'll have patients come in that have struggled with areas or issues of concern that have really limited their lives. Whether it's a woman who, I mean, I have tearful conversations with patients, and sometimes me, too, who tell me that they haven't let their husband see them with the lights on in years. I have patients that they struggle with intimacy issues because of their appearance. I have men tell me that they feel uncomfortable on the beach or in a locker room. Or whether it's someone who's just struggling with advancing age and how it changes their appearance. I mean, all of these things are real problems or real issues that challenge patients. To be someone who can make a difference, and to be someone who can use a skill or talent that he has to relieve a patient of something that's been holding them back forever- Interviewer: It's so important. Dr. Stile: -is an amazing thing. And there's nothing more gratifying or fulfilling than having that patient, the day after surgery or the week after surgery, and taking down their dressings and see them light up. It's an unbelievable feeling and there's nothing, for me, that compares to it. So how awesome is that. My life is not about what I have to do every day, it's about what I get to do, and it's really, really an amazing, amazing opportunity and privilege that I have. There you go, I mean, that's your answer. I mean, what more could I possibly want out of a job. Interviewer: You're changing lives, but you're also, the self esteem, and that's something that is so hard to even get on your own. Dr. Stile: Right. Interviewer: But you actually are seeing such a transformation, not only physically, but emotionally. Dr. Stile: Right. Some people view cosmetic surgery as either a vain or self-indulgent pursuit, and that's okay for those patients, it's not for them. But what I know is that when patients look better, they feel better about themselves, and the quality of their lives improve. I am devoted to my specialty. I am devoted to what I do professionally, because I see that it's real and it makes a real difference, and an important change in a positive way in my patients' lives. Interviewer: Regardless if it's vain, I feel vanity is still a form of insecurity and you're whole mentality changes when that insecurity is now perfected. Dr. Stile: Right. Interviewer: So you are changing so many different things about one person, and that's amazing. That job is ... you have a pretty cool job. Dr. Stile: Yeah, thank you. I have some pretty cool patients, too.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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