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What sets Dr. Stile apart from all other cosmetic surgeons?

Speaker 1: If you can say one thing that sets you and your practice apart from all other practices, what would that specific thing be? Speaker 2: I would have to say, "Definitely, attention to detail, from beginning to end." Everything from the first phone call the patient makes, all the way up until their day of surgery, til they're discharged from the surgery center after having their procedure. This becomes a very personal relationship for me and my patients. I spend a lot of time educating patients. I try to really impress upon them, that this consultation is not a sales meeting. It's basically an educational interaction. What I want to be sure of is that, when my patient leaves the consultation, number one, they understand what the procedure is that they're interested in. They're clear about whether or not they are a candidate for the procedure. They understand what they can expect from having this procedure and what they can't expect. They understand the risks. They understand what the recovery time is, so that they can plan their life appropriately. Once they have this information, which I consider the educational part of our relationship, then they can make the decision on whether or not to have surgery. Obviously they get to meet me, and they can get a feel and an understanding of whether or not I'm the right person for them because, that's important too. My relationships with my patients are long term. A patient should be able to feel comfortable with their doctor. They should be able to know that they have access to their doctor 24 hours a day, every day. They should know that the relationship isn't over once they have a procedure, that this is an ongoing thing. Then with respect to the surgery, they have to feel very comfortable with having the procedure at your center and with your staff. The attention to detail once again there, is very important. Who I pick to be on our team is also very critical for our practice, and that sets us apart. We have a very high bar for who we hire. Patients are taken care of very well. I mean, everything from a phone call the night before surgery to go over last details, or worries or concerns that patients must have. All my patients get a call the night before surgery, which usually surprises them. They always tell me the next day that, you know what? That was amazing. It really helped me feel a lot more comfortable. We're always available. I am always available for my patients. I hear many times, that you know, a patient had a procedure at another practice or in another state, and they never saw their doctor again afterwards, which I find very strange. I mean, this is a serious business. That's just not right. So I think for sure, the quality and level of care that we provide, accessibility to me, obviously the results speak for themselves, that's what sets us apart. Speaker 1: Well, I was gonna say, "It's so important to not feel like a number." To feel like a number to a doctor, and that's the one thing I think people deter from when they're looking for the right fit. I think that's how we became such good friends, because I was impressed. Like, "Wow." The night before, I was so worried and then we started talking. Even after I had questions, and I never felt that I wasn't important. I never felt rushed off the phone, and I keep referring people to you because, that's something we look for as a patient for our doctor, is you have to understand what we're going through too. A lot of doctors honestly, and I feel bad, they don't care. Speaker 2: I care. I care. You know, I always ask my patients in their follow-up consultations, they'll come in with their list of questions after their surgery. It's just without fail. When they're done, I always say, "Are you done with your questions? Okay," because I don't want my patients to feel like they're rushed. Even when I do that sometimes, it's very unusual. Some patients still feel like I don't spend enough time with them but, I really do. The reason I know that is, I have patients that complain that they wait too long, and that's a good problem to have. Because, I know that every patient is important, and I'll tell that patient, I'll say, "You know what? They had my undivided attention just like you're gonna have my undivided attention so, please understand." They're usually good about it. They're kidding around most times. I care, and I think that's what makes me different.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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