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Reasons for traveling to Las Vegas to have plastic surgery with Dr. Stile

Jessa Hinton: So you are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Frank Stile: Correct. Jessa Hinton: If I were living in Minnesota, if I were living in Florida, if I were living in Washington, why would I come all the way to Vegas to get surgery done by you? I know I would come, but I'm saying why would anybody in the United States come to Frank Stile in Las Vegas? Frank Stile: There are many qualified, competent men and women in all of the states that you mentioned, and patients could get great results wherever they live. But I do get many patients from around the country, and from other countries as well. And they choose to come to my practice because they've read about me online, or they've seen me on something, television, or heard me on the radio. And they're intrigued. They look to find out more information about me, and because of that, they become comfortable with me and feel that I'm the person that would give them the results that they're looking for. Patients have to feel comfortable and confident in the choices that they make. And for many reasons, patients do feel comfortable and confident with me. Even before they meet me. And when they come and finally do meet me, they're happy with their choice and happy with having surgery with me. So I'm always flattered, especially by patients that travel a long way to have surgery in Las Vegas, especially when they could have those procedures where it is that they live. And we make sure we take special care of those patients, and make sure that their experience is great, and that their travels back home are safe. We enjoy the expansion of my practice to different parts of the country. Jessa Hinton: The other great thing about you is because you're so attentive, it isn't just they fly into Las Vegas, they get the surgery, they fly home, nice to meet you. It's all the way from them first meeting you till the surgery, even after. So even if they go back to Florida or Minnesota, you're still in their life no matter what. Frank Stile: Our out of state patients that do call and make inquiries get a comprehensive information packet mailed to them, first of all. Then they spend a lot of time talking to our medical personnel on the phone, to try to get a better understanding of what procedure they want and what they're interested in. Then they send us pictures, which I evaluate. I follow that up with a personal phone call to these patients, and then they'll fly in for a consultation and have their procedure. It is actually a longer process, a more involved process, to take care of a patient that comes from out of state, or from a different country, than it is to take care of a patient that's local. That's obvious, but it's involved. They don't just fly in and have surgery. Jessa Hinton: I didn't know that. That's amazing. Frank Stile: They actually end up, we know each other really well by the time we first actually meet. Jessa Hinton: You actually will know what they want. It's not hey, I have to make a flight to Vegas even just to talk to him. You have already spoken, they have the information. Frank Stile: Absolutely. I speak to every patient before they even get a consultation. And it's worth it. It makes my day a little bit longer, but it's worth it. I've done these procedures thousands of times, but for these patients, it's the first and most important thing in their life. So I give them that appropriate respect and consideration.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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