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Questions to ask your plastic surgeon?

Speaker 1: If you were in your patient's shoes or high heels, what questions would you ask maybe about their staff, even their background facility? Speaker 2: Wow, you really caught me off guard with that question. The one thing I am very proud of and I always share with my patients is that we are a unique practice. Our facility has a free standing, fully licensed ambulatory surgery center licensed by the state of Nevada. We're also a federally regulated center because we're joint commissioned certified, which means we're Medicare approved. We get two inspections per year. These inspections ensure our patients that we meet the highest standards for safety, personnel, equipment, et cetera. That's something that's very important. Maintaining those licensures and the standing in the community is both an onerous, time consuming and very expensive proposition for us. We don't need those certifications to do surgery in the center, however, I choose to have those because it gives patients the assurance that they're being taken care of at a center of excellence. For us, that's the most important thing. This is surgery, even though it is plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, which is kind of been made a little bit generic by the media, television, the internet. These are surgical procedures and patients have to be taken care of in a manner that meets the highest standards for sterility, for safety, and quality. With these certifications we assure patients that they will have all of those expectations met. For us, coming to work every day in our center is something we're very proud of. Our patients responses that were seen in our facility or center is usually one that gives me a lot of pleasure and personal pride because they've never seen a center like ours, or an office like mine. My staff is very well trained, they're very educated on what we do, they're able to provide patients with the support and comfort that they need, and the experience overall, which can be sometimes intimidating and scary, is made a lot more pleasant by having all this for our patients. Speaker 1: It is a procedure and you are going under, and that is a scary feeling. I remember the first time I came in and I had the consultation, I felt like I was walking into a day spa. It is such a beautiful environment, the lobby, even the surgical center of your office, it doesn't feel scary and it's not intimidating. It actually feels relaxing. It's very luxurious. I didn't expect that because the other consultations I went to were very you walk in, you check in, and you go straight to the back and you're rushed out. With you, you just want to kind of hang out. You want to sit there and you want to actually be in the environment because you took so much time to make your facility comforting and beautiful. Speaker 2: Thank you. Speaker 1: And not so intimidating. No, wait till they all see your place. Speaker 2: I appreciate you saying that. Thank you. Speaker 1: You're welcome.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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