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Phil Baroni Testimonial - Dr. Stile 702-243-9555 Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

Phil: I met Frank here in Vegas, but we knew of each other back in New York. Before I met Frank, I knew he was a pretty popular plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. Rather famous. When I first met him he was a regular guy, knock around guy. You know, a regular New York guy, good guy from New York. After I met him I thought you know, basically, a regular good guy from New York. You know, after I met him he was just a regular knock around guy. You know, not like uppity west coast, you know doctor-type person. He's a good guy, down to earth guy. Knock around guy. No I didn't know Frank was an artist. I didn't know Frank had a lot of the skills that he had, you know? Like I said earlier, he's just a regular guy from New York. We're not artists and stuff from New York, you know what I mean? Yeah, I think Frank is definitely super artistic. He has a real, he's a real perfectionist and I think that would make him an unbelievable plastic surgeon. If I was gonna get something fixed on my grill, I would go to Frank for sure. What made me select Frank, was I knew him personally. I knew he was a good guy. And then you know, I saw a lot of his work and that's he's done, you know being friends with him over the years and he's a great plastic surgeon. What made me go to Frank was, first we were friends. I knew him and I fighting UFC. I got my face smashed, you know? When my face was busted up and I was already friends with him, so and I knew he did great work with a couple of other UFC fighters before I went to him. So you know, there was no reason I wouldn't go to him, you know? Of course I would go to him. Well, let's say I got my face smashed on a Saturday, you know, say a Saturday night at the MGM? I had my surgery done Tuesday, I think Tuesday I got surgery done. So I didn't think about it too long. I knew right away I was gonna go to Frank. I went to Frank's office way before I went in there to have surgery. It's super nice. It's got to be the nicest plastic surgeon's office I've been to. Either, if it's not, then there's a lot of high end, really, nice plastic surgery centers in Vegas. Dr. [Stile's 00:02:12] staff is super professional. They're really good and extra friendly, you know, they're really nice. I go to the office a lot, you know just going in to talk to Frank and everybody's super nice, super professional. But when I was there for surgery it was like, they were really on it. Going in for surgery in Frank's office, it was a lot better than going to a normal hospital. I didn't really feel like I was having major surgery done because I was going into it in office. You know, it was nice, it was relaxing, it was way less stressful than going to a hospital. I really liked having my surgery done with Frank. Oh, the surgical team was great. Everybody was very professional. Everybody was overly nice. The recovery was great, I had my own little room in his office, so that you know, it was great, I didn't have to go nowhere. It was great. Recovery was fine. I've been beat up my whole life, it was fine. I just had to wear a funny mask on my nose for awhile. So everybody knew I had a broken nose. Yeah, I'm happy I can breath now. I don't snore as bad. Yes. I would do it again. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't hesitate to have surgery done with Frank. It was great, everything went so smooth. If I could get a little bit taller. If there were surgery to get taller maybe. No. I have recommended Dr. Stile to my friends and family a number of, many times. My mom even went to Frank. Frank's a great surgeon.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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