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Mini Surgeon Series: Brazilian Butt Lift - Series's Pilot

Take a journey into the operative field with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Stile. He will be your personal guide! On this journey, he –the mini surgeon, will explain how a cosmetic plastic procedure is done. He will teach you the individual steps of each procedure and the pertinent terminology in a very fun an entertaining way. After watching these videos, you will be informed and more comfortable with plastic surgery. This voyage allows you to travel into an actual surgery, but you will not be alone because you’ll be accompanied by the mini surgeon. You will be entertained as you learn. This is the pilot episode of this mini-surgeon-series. Subscribe to our channel to get notifications when each new episode airs! To learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation, call our office at (702) 243-9555 or visit

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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