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Live Consultation Breast Augmentation Las Vegas (702) 243-9555

Watch world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Stile, give a live breast augmentation consultation in Las Vegas.

Dr. Stile: Hi, I'm Dr. Stile. Welcome back to my Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery video blog series.

What we'll be discussing today is breast augmentation surgery. I'm lucky enough to have one of the busiest practices in Las Vegas and perform several hundred breast augmentations per year. What I'd like to do today is take you through a typical breast augmentation consultation. What this will do is help you have a better understanding of the procedure and educate you so that you can make choices that are better for you.

What you're about to see is a consultation with one of my previous patients. Let's take a look.

Harmony Moniz: My name is Harmony Moniz. I'm a professional model here in Las Vegas. I do runway, print work, atmosphere. A lot of times, I do show girl work. I do spokes-modeling, everything like that. My job just really varies. Within the jobs, I'm meeting people constantly and wearing certain outfits where your body is important. You have to have a good body and stuff like that. Those jobs, this can enhance that for me.

I had a consultation for a breast augmentation, and I'm really, really excited about it. He was very knowledgeable with everything, so he made my decision for me. He made it pretty easy. I definitely want to do it. I'm excited about it, a little bit nervous, but still excited. I'm going to move forward with it, and I'm really confident in him and his abilities.

One of my friends actually referred me to him. I guess he did a wonderful job on her. I actually saw what he did for her, so that's why I made the decision to come and see him and hear what he had to say. He convinced me. He knows what he's doing, it's going to come out great.

Dr. Stile: Most of my patients are either referrals from previous patients, their friends or family members. What's important about that is what patients visualize as being a good result should be something that I can deliver.

The line drawing that you see here demonstrates several features that are typical of a natural result, natural meaning something nice you could've been born with, a not operated on look. This breast is an aesthetically pleasing breast that could be found in a younger woman. 

What we see are three basic features. First, and most importantly, is a nipple that sits higher than the level of the inframammary fold. We also have a soft contour on the top and a fullness. The fullness comes from two things, fatty tissue and breast gland. The amount of these two tissues, fatty tissue and breast gland, determines what your breast volume is and therefore your breast size. 

The two primary groups of women that I do this procedure for are either women who never had a lot of these tissues, therefore smaller breasts, and wish to have their breast volume enhanced. Or the second group is women that may have had volume and lost it as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, aging, or a combination of any of these three. This second groups wants to restore this volume, possibly add a little bit more, and additionally might want help with their breast shape.

By the time you have your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you have undoubtedly done some research online and discussed the procedure with patients who may have had it already. You'll become familiar with the concept of breast implants being placed either above or below the muscle. The muscle we're talking about is the pectoralis major muscle, demonstrated right here. Placing a breast implant above the muscle means that the implant sits between the skin gland and the actual pectoral muscle. Placing the implant below the muscle simply means that the edge of this muscle is elevated, and the implant is slid behind it, allowing most of the implant's surface area to be covered by the muscle.

In patients starting out with minimal breast or fatty tissue prior to surgery, placing the implant above the muscle can result in implants that are detectable both visually and to the touch. Most commonly what we see are ripples. In women who do not have a lot of breast tissue to begin with, placing the implant under the muscle may be a better option.

The choice of incisions used is also an important decision. The two primary incisions that I use for breast augmentation surgery are the periareolar incision or the inframammary incision. In my practice, the great majority of patients will have a periareolar incision for placement of their implants.

The next part of your consultation will be measurements, sizing, and the choice of implants. The first measurement we'll take is sternal notch to nipple, first right breast, then left breast. The next measurement will be nipple to inframammary fold. This is followed by base diameter of your chest, which will help us in implant width selection. And the final measurement will be of your areolar diameter.

The next part of your consultation will be sizing and choice of implants. There are three implants to choose from: a high profile, moderate plus profile, and moderate profile breast implant. The high profile is the narrowest, with the most projection. The moderate profile is the widest, with the lowest projection. Which implant we choose is based primarily on your chest diameter.

Our next decision will be that of implant type. Your choices are silicone filled or saline filled implants, and quite honestly, it's personal preference that makes a difference here. 

Your procedure will take approximately one hour and 30 minutes. It's performed here at our surgery center, Premium Surgical Services. Our center is licensed by the State of Nevada and also certified by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation. We are inspected twice yearly. This assures you the highest standards are met for both your safety and personnel. You will get general anesthesia, which will be provided by a board-certified M.D. anesthesiologist. 

You'll be discharged shortly after your procedure. I will follow you closely your first month to do all of your post-operative care personally. I'll continue to see you throughout the rest of the year to make sure that you're progressing appropriately.

Harmony Moniz: I went out in a bikini for the first time two days ago. I felt so confident and so secure. I get more attention that way, so obviously, I love it. I'm going to get more jobs, I'm sure. 

I'm a big baby when it comes to needles or anything like that. Everybody was like, "Are you crazy? You're going to have surgery?" Obviously, it was something I really wanted. I did so well through it. It was nothing. I went to sleep. I woke up. Even the recovery process, it was so simple. You would never tell that I had surgery. 

The results, day by day, get better and better, and you see more until the finality of it. Once I saw that, I was just ecstatic through the whole process. It was really, really good for me.

Dr. Stile: If you have any other questions regarding this procedure or would like to schedule a consultation, you can visit us at our website at, or call our office to schedule a consultation personally at area code 702-243-9555. 

Until your consultation or next time, I'm Dr. Stile saying goodbye, and be well.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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