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Liposculpture Surgery Part 1

Watch part 1 of liposculpture/body contouring of this procedure. Dr. Stile approaches body sculpting & contouring with cosmetic surgery much like an artist would approach a sculpture. In fact, for Dr. Stile this cosmetic procedure is a form of living sculpture. Many of us struggle with “problem areas”, and these areas are those known as diet and exercise resistant “fat deposits”. Dr. Stile uses a tumescent liposuction technique when performing liposuction. This is one of the oldest and safest methods used for this type of surgery. Even though it is more physically demanding and time consuming then other methods such as ultra sound assisted, laser or Vaser techniques, the results are superior. There are fewer contour abnormalities and certainly no burns associated with the tumescent technique. To learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation, call our office at (702) 243-9555 or visit Want to see the rest of this amazing series? Subscribe now!

Written by Frank on Friday May 25, 2018

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