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Jessa Hinton "Gummy Bear" Implant Replacement Consultation Before Surgery

Dr. Stile: Good morning. Jessa Hinton: Hi. Dr. Stile: How are you? Jessa Hinton: Good. Dr. Stile: It's your big day. Are you excited? Jessa Hinton: I'm very excited. Dr. Stile: Okay, great. Well, what we have planned is what we've discussed in your consultation previously. What we're going to do is take the implants out that I put in six years ago, which are moderate plus profile implants and we're going to change them to a high-profile overfilled implant that's made by Allergan. In case, you don't remember, we're going to go over this once again. If you look at these two implants, they're the same volume. This is the moderate plus profile, which you have, and this is the high-profile overfilled. And as you can tell, there's a difference in projection. And what's great about this implant is that it doesn't have any, if much, rippling at all when compared to this other implant here. And that's what we want. And since, you know, you've been doing so much to get yourself in shape and your body fat is so low, you know, having an implant like this can make ripples a little bit more detectable, and we don't want that. Okay? So I think this is really going to get you the result that you've been after, okay? So, what we'll do first is we'll mark you, so if you can turn around and face me right now. Okay, we're going to mark you right now, all right? I'll do this, I'll put my glasses on so I can see better. Okay. I'm going to get my marker. I promise we'll have this off before you're waking up, okay? So let me make a few lines here. And I'll use these lines as my guide to make sure these implants sit appropriately when we're done. Okay. Great. Now we'll just have you sit back again. Next, our anesthesiologist, Tom Barson, is going to be out to speak with you, okay? He's excellent. He'll keep you very comfortable and very safe. What he's going to do first is give you something to help you relax. Put some monitors on you. And then you'll get your anesthetic. You won't remember a thing. Okay? This whole thing will take about an hour and a half. When you wake up out here, the same nurse that has helped you with your paperwork and will start your IV will be recovering you. Okay, she'll make sure you're comfortable until you're ready to go home. When you wake up, your knees will be up on pillows, and your back will be elevated. This is the same position you need to be in at home tonight. Who's going to be taking care of you at home? Jessa Hinton: My mom. Dr. Stile: Okay. Having your knees bent is very important. It's great for your circulation. While you're resting I also want you to flex your feet and your ankles, okay? A couple of times an hour. That'll get these muscles contracting and help some of that venous blood get back into your circulation. Having your back up is great to keep the swelling down. We're going to keep you here until you're stable for discharge. That means you're awake and alert. Your vital signs are stable. You can walk around with assistance, use the bathroom, and keep some liquids down. When you can do all that, you can go home. When you go home tonight, once again, knees up, back up. I do want you to rest. But I need you to get out of bed every couple of hours and walk around a little bit, okay? Now, this is really important Jessa. There's no hands over your head. No reaching. No pushing with your hands. Your elbows kind of need to stay at your sides for the first two weeks. Okay? You can use your phone, which is good, which is what you do a lot of anyway. So your elbows at your sides will not limit you from a lot of the activities you'll be doing or need to do because you can get some work done while you're recovering, too. You must take your medications on schedule. Take them with food. If you don't, there's a higher chance you can get nausea. If you do get nausea, it's real important that you take some of the anti-nausea medications. It's much better than vomiting with a new breast surgery, okay? If you have any questions or concerns, 24 hours a day, whether something doesn't look right, something doesn't feel right, whatever, even if it's something on the instructions you or your mom might not understand, please call the office phone number. The answering service will pick up and they'll connect you to me. You have access to me 24 hours a day. Do you have any other questions? Jessa Hinton: No. Dr. Stile: Okay. Well, give me a hug.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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