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How to find the right cosmetic surgeon?

Interviewer: Okay, so I want to know. What advice could you provide to help ease people when looking for the right plastic surgeon? Frank Stile: That's a very important person. First off their prospective doctor should be a board-certified plastic surgeon of good standing. They should be very experienced in whatever procedure the patient is looking to have. Some doctors are experts in breast surgery. Other doctors have a great reputation for performing cosmetic nose surgeries or rhinoplastics. That's number one. Number two, looking at pictures on a website, it's important, but speaking to actual patients that have had interactions with the doctor, he or she, is important also. In my practice we sometimes arrange for our prospective patients, our new patients, to speak to previous patients. Usually my patients are real good about that. Talking to someone who's actually had the procedure, has had experience in my office with my staff, and has got through the whole process from consultation to the recovery, that's how you can really get a good understanding of what having the procedure was like from an actual person. Also, seeing the results in person. My patients are real good. They're not too shy about showing their results. Looking at something on a website versus seeing something in real life is sometimes very different. So I would suggest, like I said, make sure your doctor's a board-certified plastic surgeon, make sure that they're in good standing, make sure that they have a great reputation for whatever procedure you're interested in, and try to talk to some of their patients. If you do all that, you'll probably be comfortable and safe in making whatever decision you make. Interviewer: As a patient of yours, I am a walking billboard for your breast augmentations, so ... Frank Stile: And I'm very pleased to have that. Interviewer: No no no, I'm pleased. Thank you. Frank Stile: Thank you.

Written by Frank on Sunday May 27, 2018

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