Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty in Las Vegas by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Stile.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

A Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fatty tissue from the middle and lower abdomen. During this procedure the muscles of the abdominal wall, the rectus muscles, are also tightened giving the belly a flatter and firmer look. Abdominoplasty is not a surgical treatment for obesity and shouldn’t be used as such.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Frank Stile, has performed more Tummy Tuck procedures over the last 10 years than any other solo plastic surgeon in the United States. Dr. Stile has performs several hundred abdominoplasties each year. This is an impressive number for a surgery of this scope and certainly far more per year than the average cosmetic plastic surgeon locally or nationally (based on comparison of national statistics). This tremendous experience is credited for the exceptionally high patient satisfaction rate in his practice.
Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to correct waistline issues, especially changes resulting from pregnancy or massive weight gain and loss. Loose skin, stretch marks and a doughy mid-section cannot be improved by starvation diets or thousands of sit-ups. Nor will diet and exercise correct the vertical separation of abdominal muscles known as diastasis recti, which can occur following pregnancy. In these cases, a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure is the ideal corrective surgery.

A Tummy Tuck procedure can be combined with other forms of body contouring surgery, including Suction-Assisted Lipectomy (SAL), or performed at the same time with other elective procedures. Patients sometimes choose both the Tummy Tuck and liposuction procedures (especially of the flanks) to further enhance their waistline results.

Obese individuals who intend to lose weight should postpone all forms of body contouring plastic surgery until they reach their goal weight and have been able to maintain their weight loss for a period of time. Optimal results after Tummy Tuck and/or other body contouring surgery you should incorporate a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and a regular exercise program.

If you’re considering abdominoplasty the information provided will give you a basic understanding of the procedure. However, all patients are unique. An individualized consultation with Dr. Stile is needed to select the procedure most appropriate for your needs.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
Tummy Tuck las vegas gallery before and after
*Results may vary.

General Procedure

This outpatient surgical procedure, tummy tuck, is performed in our state-of-the-art operating rooms at the Premium Surgical Services Center. This is a free standing fully accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center licensed by the state of Nevada and our center is also federally regulated. We have attained additional accreditation from the Joint Commission’s ambulatory health care accreditation program with “deemed MCR approved status”. Our surgery center is the only privately owned center dedicated to the specialty of plastic surgery that has both these accreditations in the state of Nevada.

The Tummy Tuck procedure is performed while using general anesthesia (patients are fully “asleep”) for the patient’s comfort and the surgeon’s control. General anesthesia, as well as, pre- and post-operative care are provided by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

A Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery can last anywhere from one to two hours and the overall surgical time depends on the patient’s unique anatomy and the severity of their presenting deformity. The average time it takes Dr. Stile to complete a Tummy Tuck is significantly lower than the national average. (see you tube video) Dr. Stile’s experience with this procedure benefits his patients by lowering their anesthesia time.

To begin the procedure, an incision is made just above the pubic bone area. This incision extends horizontally across the lower abdomen and sometimes around to the back. The length of the incision used depends on both the amount and location of loose skin. The incision is carried down thru the fat to the depth of the muscles’ covering or fascia.

The abdominal skin and fat is then lifted away from the abdominal muscles. This dissection is continued upward towards the lower edge of the ribs. An additional incision is made around the umbilicus (belly-button) freeing it from its connection to the abdominal skin.

The abdominal muscles are then tightened with a permanent suture. This abdominal muscle stitch acts much as a permanent corset or girdle would to provide a firmly contoured flat abdomen and more well-defined waistline. The abdominal skin is then pulled tight and the excess is removed. The belly-button is then brought out thru a new opening and is secured in place

The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures and soft plastic drains are placed prior to closing the incision. These drains act to remove fluid that normally accumulates under the skin (serum) following this type of procedure during the normal healing process.

Dr. Stile may employ a version of one of several techniques selected based on individual patient needs and anatomy. These procedures include versions of the Mini, Standard and Extended Tummy-Tucks.

Recovery Process

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure. After surgery, and following a short stay in our post-surgical care unit, patients are discharged to return home. Patients over 50 years of age are discharged home with a nurse or may choose to recover in one of our affiliated after-care facilities.
Bandages, dressings and antibiotic ointment are applied after surgery to aid the healing process. These are held in place by a specialized surgical garment that is worn for up to four weeks. Post-operative instructions call for rest with head and leg elevation to decrease swelling thus improving the healing process. Patients are encouraged to move and walk around as tolerated, but with the assistance of a walker.

Patients describe the pain associated with cosmetic tummy-tuck surgery as ranging from moderate discomfort to significant soreness. Some patients equate the recovery discomfort of a tummy-tuck with that of a C-section. The perception of pain is a uniquely personal experience based on a person’s paint tolerance. However, this discomfort is effectively controlled with oral pain medication and muscle relaxers prescribed by Dr. Stile.

Drains are removed during office visits at the end of the first and second week following your surgery and patients can resume normal “light” activity not requiring lifting of heavy objects or physical exertion after two weeks. Full activity including exercise and resistance training can begin following the fourth week post-surgery.

Complications are rare. Patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by the Dr. Stile after surgery. With a responsible diet and regular exercise, the amazing results of this surgical procedure will be long lasting.

Get an inside look at the surgery center Dr. Stile created to meet the specific needs of his patients for safety, comfort and care.

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