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Cosmetic Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job” is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States. Cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) is a surgical procedure frequently performed to produce desired changes in the appearance and function of the nose.

Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose in order to create a more pleasing look. The goal is to achieve facial harmony by bringing the nose into better proportion with existing facial features. In women, a more refined and delicate nose is the goal. In male patients, requests usually include: reducing the size of a nose that is too large, too wide or correcting the contour of an overly arched nasal bridge while maintaining their masculine features. Cosmetic nose surgery usually reduces the size of the nose, changes the shape and position of the tip, and can narrow the width of the nostrils.

In addition, the results of Rhinoplasty can reduce the size of the nose by sculpting the nasal bones and cartilages. Rhinoplasty surgery can also restore deficient nasal areas (nasal tip or nasal bridge). Cartilage grafts taken from within the nose or ears can also be used to reshape the structure of the nose. In general, having Rhinoplasty / cosmetic nose surgery provides patients with better facial balance and overall appearance. Many of Dr. Stile’s patients have corrective nose surgery for a crooked nose resulting from an accident, sports injury or other trauma.

Dr. Stile is considered by many to be an expert cosmetic nose surgeon. His surgical plans are unique to each individual patient. Additional factors must always be considered, such as ethnicity, skin thickness, sex, age and overall facial structure for a customized operative plan and to achieve optimum patient results. Dr. Stile is very experienced in addressing all these specific concerns of all types of patient ethnicities, young and old.

Your first step in considering cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), should be scheduling a consultation with Dr. Stile. During the consultation, a thorough assessment of your nose, your expectations, and desired outcome will be discussed and addressed. Next, Dr. Stile will develop a customized procedural and operative plan appropriate for achieving your cosmetic goal for Cosmetic Nose Surgery and desired result.


Rhinoplasty / Cosmetic Nose Surgery Procedure

Cosmetic nose surgery procedures are performed in our State Licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center (Premium Surgical Services Center). Our state-of-the-art meets and exceeds Medicare standards as certified by Joint Commission. Simply put, Dr. Stile’s Premium Surgical Services Center meets the highest standards for personnel, equipment and safety practices. Cosmetic Nose Surgery is performed using general anesthesia. All anesthesia services, as well as, pre- and post-operative care are provided by Dr. Stile’s Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

A Rhinoplasty procedure may last up to three hours depending upon the complexity of the operation. This surgery begins with the creation of small incisions just inside the nostrils. These incisions allow access to the underlying nasal bones and cartilages. The nasal bones and cartilages are shaved, filed, trimmed and repositioned following the patients individualized and customized operative plan formulated by Dr. Stile with the patient’s desired outcome.

Two techniques may be used for performing cosmetic nose surgery. These methods may be referred to as either the ‘open’ or the ‘closed’ technique. The open technique allows for maximum visibility and control during the Rhinoplasty procedure. The incision used in the open technique is placed in-between the nostrils on the columella (the skin bridge between each nostril). In the closed technique, the incisions are made only internally and there is less surgical exposure and also resulting in less control.

Dr. Stile primarily uses an open Rhinoplasty technique for the majority of his patients so he can meet or exceed patient expectations and results. At the procedure’s completion, incisions are closed using small nylon and absorbable sutures. Antibiotic-coated packing is placed inside the nose to reduce swelling and improve the healing process. The nose’s new shape is preserved using special tape and a heat molded plastic cast. A drip pad is positioned under the nose to minimize soiling from drainage and absorb any discharge.

Note: If rhinoplasty is being utilized to correct a breathing problem or nose deformity, the procedure may be covered under the patient’s insurance policy.

Rhinoplasty / Cosmetic Nose Surgery Recovery

Cosmetic nose surgery is an elective outpatient procedure. Patients recover in our post-anesthesia care unit and when alert and stable, patients are discharged to return home. All patients under Dr. Stile’s care are instructed to rest while keeping their head elevated. Patients report minor discomfort following Rhinoplasty surgery, but any discomfort is easily reduced with oral pain medication. Cold forehead compresses and arnica preparations may be used to minimize swelling, inflammation and improve the healing process.

Dr. Stile’s patients are asked to return the following day for a surgical site check and dressing change. Seven (7) days later patients are asked for a return visit to see Dr. Stile so sutures and splints can be removed.Patients may require taping support of their nose for an additional week, during their healing process, following the removal of their splint. This will help reduce swelling, inflammation, and minimize any movement of the nose.

Patients can resume full activity including exercise in as little as fourteen days following surgery. All patients must refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after this procedure as this will inhibit the recovery and healing process. If patients wear corrective glasses, they must be taped up and off the nose to eliminate any weight or pressure to the area surrounding the nose.

Cosmetic improvements are immediately evident, but complete results may take several weeks to several months following surgery to be fully appreciated, allowing for the time needed for swelling to subside.

The reported benefits of Rhinoplasty are numerous and easily visible. Dr. Stile’s patients report being less self-conscious and enjoying greater confidence after having Cosmetic Nose Surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Before & After

Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Rhinoplasty Nose Job Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
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