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Recovery Suite

About Our Recovery Suite

While a recovery suite exists as the place for you to awaken from any anesthesia that may have been applied during your procedure, our recovery suite is composed of 3 post-anesthesia care-unit bays dedicated to such. It’s here that you may peacefully awaken to the meticulous care of experienced of our post-op nurses, solely focused on your recovery and well-being. Each recovery bay comes equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, ensuring you receive the attention you need. Unlike some potential public health offices, you won’t be rushed through recovery post-procedure just to clear your bed. Extended recovery times are common because we care about providing the best care possible. 


Awaken peacefully from anesthesia in our recovery suite under the care of our experienced nurses, and stay for an extended recovery if needed.

Written by Frank on Friday May 18, 2018

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