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Dr. Stile’s Media Coverage

Dr. Stile has been featured in The New York Times, Maxim, Real Fighter, Huffington Post, Wired, and many top print and online media outlets and numerous television as well as radio shows. In addition, he has innovative and published techniques for treating both, new facial injuries and preventing recurring injuries in “cut-prone” fighters. Dr. Stile’s work and his patients have received local recognition and national press coverage; moreover, they have been featured in the following magazines and articles:

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Vegas' Top Docs

Dr. Stile chosen as one of Las Vegas’ Top Docs

Las Vegas Sun recent release of its 2017 Health Quarterly has Dr. Stile as a “Top Doctor” in his field by his fellow peers in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Woman's

Dr. Stile featured in Las Vegas Woman’s Magazine

Dr. Stile describes how he’s built his practice with work, determination and through learning to leverage social media.

New York Times

Dr. Stile featured in The New York Times

Dr. Stile shows MMA fighters the benefits of how expert plastic surgery treated scars can result in less bleeding and more wins


Dr. Stile in Maxim’s “Movers & Shakers”

Dr. Stile became one of the busiest plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, and how he’s building a better Las Vegas, one breast at a time.

Wired Magazine

Dr. Stile in WIRED’s “The Cutting Edge”

Dr. Stile revolutionary surgical procedure in MMA fighters to reduce bleeding by removing poorly sutured scar tissue.

CBS Las Vegas

CBS Feature: “Top Las Vegas Spot to Get Botox”

Read about one of Dr. Stile’s facilities – The Skin Clinic at Esthetique Plastique, and our featured Botox practices!

Vegas Seven

Dr. Stile featured in Vegas Seven Magazine

Dr. Stile uses creativity, innovation and experience to help MMA fighter Nick Diaz further his career and win more fights.

Luxury Las Vegas

Philanthropy of Stile featured in Luxury

Las Vegas Surgeon Dr. Stile finds solace by giving over 1 million meals to undernourished children through his foundation.

Las Vegas Weekly

Dr. Stile featured in Las Vegas Weekly

Dr. Stile discusses how his patients choices for cosmetic surgery desires are driven by deeper emotional needs.

Vice: Fightland

Dr. Stile featured on VICE: Fightland Blog

Having a renowned plastic surgeon in your corner can help you bleed less and win big. Stile shows fighters how to take a blow.

Knpr Radio

“Looking Good in Las Vegas” Segment

Dr. Stile discusses the pros of cosmetic plastic surgery, and what really drives women who trust his skill to go under the knife.

Las Vegas Womans

Dr. Stile featured in Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Dr. Stile is recognized as a plastic surgeon, artist, author and philanthropist constantly giving back to those in need.

The It Mom

My Plastic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Stile

Internet sensation and Mommy Blogger Daisy Teh describes her plight and experience to find the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas.


Dr. Stile’s Foundation Featured in Action NEWS

Celebrating a donation of over 1 million meals to children, Dr. Stile sponsors a Winter Carnival for the Las Vegas Community

Knpr Radio

Dr. Stile is the surgeon of choice for MMA fighters

Stile discusses the challenges fighters face receiving improper cosmetic repair and his work on the faces of young fighters.


Dr. Stile's Foundation featured on PRWEB

The Frank L. Stile Foundation Celebrates Fifth Anniversary; Donates 1 Million Meals to Help Feed Undernourished Children

Wellness Hour

Dr. Stile featured in The Wellness Hour – Breast Augmentation

Dr. Stile discusses why he’s the best in the business for breast augmentation and breast lifts.

Wellness Hour

Dr. Stile featured in The Wellness Hour – Liposuction

Dr. Stile discusses what you need to know when it comes to a Liposuction procedure.

Wellness Hour

Dr. Stile featured in The Wellness Hour – Post Weight Loss

Dr. Stile discusses cosmetic surgery after dramatic weight loss for patients.

Wellness Hour

Dr. Stile featured in The Wellness Hour – Natural Looking Facelift

Dr. Stile discusses how his year’s of experience and artistry can create a natural looking facelift.

Las Vegas Womans

Dr. Stile Foundation Winter Carnival

The highlight of the evening was the FLS Foundation Giving Event with major donations to ThreeSquare, The ShadeTree and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Doctor Review

Dr. Stile featured on DoctorReview.org

Mayweather and Pacquiao turn toward plastic surgeons like Dr. Stile who’s been helping MMA fighters for years.