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By Frank | Wednesday March 14, 2018

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to your problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, stretch marks, and more, the best platform solution to combat these issues is… Your own body! Indeed, your body has incredible self-healing capabilities. The problem is that our healing capabilities are not as refined as we’d like them to be, and our bodies don’t care how they leave the skin when they repair it as long as it gets repaired. Sometimes, our body needs an extra push in the right places to not only repair your skin, but make sure it’s repaired in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This is where DermaPen can help you.

How does DermaPen work?

The DermaPen treatment works by using the body’s own self-healing capabilities. The treatment consists of creating micro-punctures on your skin by pushing your pores open for a temporary period. Even though no real damage is caused, the body perceives this micro-puncturing as damage, and stimulates the production and release of repair factors. These repair factors include the production of collagen and elastin. Since your skin’s natural reaction to an injury is to heal itself, by performing these micro-punctures you are forcibly making your skin continuously heal itself. With a series of treatments, this process can completely eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and more using your body’s natural healing process, creating results that can be dramatic and fast.

How does DermaPen help with skin wrinkles?

DermaPen is extremely effective at treating fine lines and wrinkles, and like CoolSculpting, you’ll see the best results after multiple treatments. Since the DermaPen treatment is effective at combating aging concerns like wrinkles, lines, folds, and crow’s feet, you’ll see how effective your natural healing process can be at combating these issues.

What happens to the skin post treatment?

Post treatment, the skin will appear reddish with some slight swelling from the micro-punctures. Imagine that your skin was just sunburnt, and you can get an idea of how you’ll look for the next few hours. You can also expect to feel some skin tightness and mild sensitivity to the treatment area, so you need to be careful with your skin following the treatment. These side-effects of the treatment should be completely diminished within the next 24 hours post treatment, as the skin will be completely healed after about 72 hours.

How safe is the DermaPen procedure?

While the micro-punctures performed by the treatment forcefully open your pores to stimulate your body’s natural healing cycle, the skin needling does not actually involve injections, nor does it completely pierce the skin. Therefore, allergic reactions and side-effects are very unlikely to occur due to the treatment. The treatment is very minimally invasive, has very low downtime of 24 hours, and healing requires very simple after-care. Moreover, DermaPen has been excessively clinically tested so you’re guaranteed to see safe and effective results.

If you’d like to know more about DermaPen, make your way over to our DermaPen page to see before and after images and videos. Alternatively, you can check out DermaPen’s own frequently asked questions page.

If you’re interested in receiving the DermaPen procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form to the right of this page so we can schedule you for a complimentary evaluation with our skin care specialist to make sure that DermaPen is right for you. We hope to see you soon!

Written by Frank on Wednesday March 14, 2018

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