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Panna Thai Restuarant

About Panna Thai Restuarant

A sleek and refined venue open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Panna Thai Restaurant takes serious pride in providing authentic Thai cuisine with every dish upholding and showcasing the uniqueness and distinctness of Thai culture. Categorizing their offerings range from the familiar fare, to Thai-inflected fusion dishes served amongst an ambience un-replicated within the greater Las Vegas, NV area. We suggest their vast menu, your choice of meal is certain to be delicious with authentic delectable noodle dishes such as Padthai and Rad Nar, as well as a slew of exquisite authentic curry dishes such as Panang Curry and Musaman Curry. For more information on discovering Panna Thai, visit them at:


Panna Thai Restaurant prides itself on offering authentic delicious Thai cuisine, either as traditional fare or as Thai-inflected fusion dishes.


Panna Thai Restuarant

6015 S Fort Apache Rd Las Vegas, NV 89148

(702) 823-2345

Written by Frank on Wednesday July 4, 2018

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