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Dr. Frank L. Stile designed and completed the construction of a 10,000 square foot cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery center in August of 2006. With a price tag of five million dollars, the center offers unparalleled luxury and superior comfort. State of the art equipment and a superb staff places the focus on safety in addition to optimal outcomes in all facilities. Completion of this project was the crowning jewel in SR Construction’s medical facility project resume. “The intricacy and complexity of this project is unprecedented in a privately owned medical facility,” says SR’s vice president Rob Silecchio. The operating suites and acute patient treatment areas meet or exceed licensure requirements. Attention to every detail will assure patients an outstanding experience.

Upon entering the door at Esthetique, you are struck by a two story breathtaking lobby with finishes that rival the finest of Las Vegas hotels. Persian rugs accent rich woods, marble, stone and stained glass. Soaring ceilings and hand painted murals are complemented by wrought iron accents. The clinic halls are lined with original artwork, leading to comfortable, warm exam rooms with interactive digital presentation modules. Patient education and procedure information is now more accessible than ever. During consultations, Dr. Stile can demonstrate procedures through a combination of real-time footage and thousands of before and after photos via digital tablets.

Procedures are performed in one of two state of the art operating theaters. These rooms have been outfitted with the newest anesthesia and monitoring equipment. There are two complete sets of instruments and duplicate equipment all backed up by an emergency generator able to power a much larger facility. Dr. Stile explains, “…for my patients, safety is paramount. I have made every attempt to prepare for any challenge.” Patients that have undergone cosmetic surgical procedures performed by Dr. Stile are initially recovered in the facility’s acute recovery area with focused one-on-one skilled private nursing care. Patients may also choose to be recovered in one of the centers two private extended recovery suites. The suites are well appointed, much like hotel rooms and offer catered meal selections. When asked what motivated him to undertake a project of this scope and expense, Dr. Stile answered by simply saying, “My patients deserve the best! Building and operating my own center has allowed me complete control over every detail including décor, equipment, and staff. This assures my patients unparalleled continuity of care, service, and privacy. Patients opting to have a cosmetic surgical procedure have special needs requiring specialized care. This type of surgery is an extremely personal matter. Busy public surgical centers with understaffed nursing can sometimes heighten a patient’s anxieties and compromise outcomes. I also wanted to be more centrally located to better service my southeast Las Vegas clients. The center is conveniently located off the Russell Road exit off the CR-215 (westbound from the airport and southbound from Summerlin). My Frontage Road entrance and generous parking makes my practice very accessible.”

Adding to the location’s appeal, Dr. Stile is joined by accomplished cosmetic dentist Bryson Lemone. Dr. Lemone’s education and post-doctoral training provides him with the knowledge and experience necessary to bring you the latest advances in the field of Cosmetic dentistry. In addition to the complete spectrum of cosmetic and general dental services, his practice uniquely offers the option of sedation or general anesthesia for full or partial mouth restorations. Now patients can truly have a complete makeover comfortably and conveniently under one roof.

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