Brazilian Butt Lift/ Gluteal Fat Transfer

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Gluteal enhancement surgery or various versions of the popular “Brazilian Butt Lift” has become increasingly (wildly) popular over the last several years. This expansion in popularity has been reflected by an increased demand for this procedure by Dr. Stile’s patients.

Women (and men) want this procedure for a number of reasons. These reasons include: improving the contour and overall size of their rear, lifting and shaping the buttocks, restoring lost gluteal volume after weight loss or just improving their proportions.

During this procedure, fat is harvested using the tumescent liposculpture technique. Fat may be harvested from 4 to 6 different areas. These areas may include the abdomen, flanks, inner / outer thighs, arms and upper back. The harvested fat is then processed and purified. Dr. Stile next expertly injects the fat into the buttocks to create an aesthetically sculpted, beautiful and larger rear.

All patients are different as are their needs and tastes. A consultation with Dr. Stile is the best way to further explore this procedure and understand first-hand what will work best for you. Additionally, your options and expectations can be discussed. Call Dr. Stile now to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Description of the Brazilian Butt Lift/ Gluteal Enlargement Procedure

The Brazilian butt-lift / gluteal enlargement is an outpatient surgical procedure. It is performed in our state-of-the-art operating center. Premium Surgical Services Center is a free standing fully accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center licensed by the state of Nevada. Our center is also federally regulated. We have attained additional accreditation from the Joint Commission’s ambulatory health care accreditation program with “deemed MCR approved status”. We are the only privately owned center dedicated to the specialty of plastic surgery that has both these accreditations in the state of Nevada.

The procedure is performed while using general anesthesia (patients are fully “asleep”) for comfort control. General anesthesia as well as pre and post-operative care are provided by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Typically, the procedure lasts three to four hours. The amount of time varies with the amount of fat that needs to be harvested and the desired sized of the enlargement. Patient’s fat will be harvested using the tumescent liposculpture technique.

The tumescent liposuction technique utilizes a large volume of a very dilute solution of local anesthetic (lidocaine) and epinephrine (adrenaline) mixed in normal saline. This mixture is infiltrated (injected) into the fatty area(s) the patient wishes to have harvested and contoured.

The fat is then aspirated (sucked) out using a series of small cannulas following the operative plan and the patient’s desired outcome. Up to five liters may be safely harvested using this technique. Fat may be harvested from 4 to 6 different areas including the abdomen, flanks, inner / outer thighs, arms and upper back.

The harvested fat is then processed, purified and placed in large volume syringes. Dr, Stile next expertly utilizes a series of specially designed cannulas to inject the fat into the gluteal area. An aesthetically beautiful and larger rear is realized by incrementally injecting the fat much in the same way a sculptor would create a living work of art.

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift/ Gluteal Enlargement Procedure

This is an outpatient surgical procedure. After surgery, and following a short stay in our post-surgical care unit, patients are discharged home. Dressings are applied after surgery. These are held in place by a specialized compression garment that is worn for four weeks.

Generally, post-operative instructions call for rest and frequent ambulation. Patients must rest while lying on their abdomen. Patients cannot sit directly on their grafted area for three weeks following surgery.

Patients describe the pain associated with cosmetic gluteal enlargement surgery as ranging from moderate discomfort to significant soreness. This discomfort is effectively controlled with oral pain medication. Patients will have varying degrees of bruising, swelling and even numbness following the procedure.

Patients can resume most normal activities not requiring lifting of heavy objects or exertion at one week. Patients may sit on treated area at three weeks. Full activity including heavy exercise can begin at the fourth week. Complications from this procedure are rare. Potential problems are minimized by following the directions they are given by Dr. Stile after surgery.

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