Breast Reduction / Reduction Mammoplasty

breast reduction / reduction mammoplasty by las vegas plastic surgeon dr. frank stile
Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty surgery procedure removes fatty breast tissue, glandular tissue and skin from large pendulous breasts. This makes breasts smaller and firmer. Breast reduction surgery will also restore sagging breasts to a more youthful and lifted position on your chest. Additionally, your areola will be reduced in size and repositioned higher on your breast.

Women who have large breasts (marco-mastia) may experience a variety of physical symptoms. Young women and girls who have large breasts may experience psycho social issues stemming from their appearance.

The physical symptoms result from the weight and size of their breasts. These may include back, neck, shoulder pain, as well as skin irritation and breakdown on the underside of the breasts. Poor exercise tolerance as well as limited clothing options are also often cited as factors motivating patients to surgery. Breast reduction is usually performed for relief of these symptoms.

There are a variety of surgical techniques used to reduce and reshape the female breast. In addition to the traditional Wise-pattern reduction, Dr. Stile often performs “minimal scar” breast reductions using a modification of the Passot “button” mammoplasty technique. This technique eliminates and conceals much of the traditional anchor-type scar. The Passot technique leaves only light, less visible scars around the nipple and in the infra-mammary fold.

Breast Reduction Before & After

Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
Breast Reduction Las Vegas - Dr. Stile Gallery Before and After
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Some women choose to have breast reduction in order to satisfy their own desire for a smaller bust line or because of back and neck pain that is sometimes associated with having overdeveloped breasts. Whatever the reason may be, Dr. Stile can help you become more comfortable with your body by making you better-proportioned with smaller and lifted breasts.

This information will help give you a basic understanding of the breast reduction procedure. However, all patients are unique. An individualized consultation is needed to select the procedure most appropriate for your needs. Click here to contact us today in Las Vegas or call us at (702) 243-9555.

General Description of the Breast Reduction Procedure

This is an outpatient surgical procedure. Breast reductions are performed in our state-of-the-art operating room. Premium Surgical Services Center is a free standing fully accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center licensed by the state of Nevada. Our center is also federally regulated. We have attained additional accreditation from the Joint Commission’s ambulatory health care accreditation program with “deemed MCR approved status”. We are the only privately owned center dedicated to the specialty of plastic surgery that has both these accreditations in the state of Nevada.

The procedure is performed while using general anesthesia (patients are fully “asleep”) for comfort control. General anesthesia as well as pre and post-operative care are provided by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

The most common Breast reduction technique employed by Dr. Stile is the Wise pattern lift and reduction. The procedure utilizes an incision that encircles the areola continues down the front of the breast and extends along the breast fold or infra mammary crease. Dr. Stile then removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin.

Next, the nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher position and held in place by absorbable sutures. Dr. Stile does NOT use drains in any of his breast reduction patients.

“Rubber drains for Rubber brains” – Milton T. Egerton

The best procedure for your breast reduction will be determined during your initial consultation visit. Breast reduction surgery immediately improves patient’s body-image and eliminates the physical pain caused by large breasts. The result is a better proportioned body, an enhanced appearance, and better fitting clothes.

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is an outpatient surgical procedure. After surgery, and following a short stay in our post-surgical care unit, patients are discharged home. Generally, post-operative instructions call for rest and limited arm movement in order to speed up the healing process and shorten recovery time.

Bandages, dressings and steri-tape are applied right after surgery to aid the healing process as well as minimize movement of the breasts. These are held in place by a specialized surgical bra that is worn for four weeks.

Patients describe the pain associated with cosmetic breast surgery as ranging from minor discomfort to significant soreness. The perception of pain is a uniquely personal experience. However, this discomfort is effectively controlled with oral pain medication.

Patients can resume most normal activities not requiring lifting of heavy objects or exertion at two weeks. Full activity including exercise and resistance training can begin following the fourth week.

Complications from this procedure are rare. Patients can minimize potential problems by carefully following the directions given by Dr. Stile after surgery.

Watch Dr. Stile demonstrate the proper technique of Post-operative Breast Massage.

Get an inside look at the surgery center Dr. Stile created to meet the specific needs of his patients for safety, comfort and care.

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